Since the husband was out of town this weekend I thought it would be a perfect time to find a great nightstand for the baby's room.  Jaime isn't very patient when it comes to what I like to call my 'discovery process'.  By this I mean discovering an old ugly piece that has potential for greatness.  He can't exactly see the GREAT in something that isn't so great to begin with.  This was what I had in mind, thinking "how hard could this be??" -
Oh it was MUCH harder than I ever thought.  Here is what I ended up finding in several of the areas marked 'Furniture section' of my local Chicago thrift stores -  
Shame on you, 'Furniture Section'!  You've got to be kidding me Chicago.  I remember a thrift store in Irving, Texas with the most amazing refurbish-worthy furniture... maybe I need to get to the 'burbs.  I did find ONE solid wood nightstand that was in decent shape for $30 - but I thought, I can beat this:
... I should have gone back for that one.  I am now determined to find the perfect piece.  More on that soon, I hope!

3/29/2013 06:35:23 am

Amy I think your dresser looks awesome both inside and out. I would really love for you to share how you actually got the drawer liners to work.

3/29/2013 06:37:13 am

I think that night stand has a lot of great potential. Definitely go back for that one---if its still there. If it is as sturdy as it looks you could do some great stuff with it.

3/29/2013 07:15:53 am

Love thrift shopping!! Keep up the projects it's inspires me!!


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