So we started our spray paint job on the man chest this weekend.  Wow, was that a PROJECT!  I think we both realized that spray painting might not be the best idea for the size of our home.  Thus, this is the first and last undertaking of this kind while in our current condo.  I will have to find some good painting brushes for future projects.  Due to the fume headache, I didn't take any progress pics but will do so tonight for tomorrow's post.  I really had to apologize to our baby boy for that mishap. 

Since I wasn't actually allowed to help with the spray painting makeover, I was only allowed to take in fumes from under the door, I decided to take on a small hand painting project of my own.  Just so that you're aware, I'm the type of person who doesn't like to buy new things for my home if I already own something I can re-do.  For example, there is a small skinny wall space in the nursery that's in need of love... I could buy a new cute baby decor item but what fun is that?!  Instead I'm attempting to revive these wall plaques that I haven't utilized because they don't really fit our style any longer:
At one time I painted a little light green in the center and called them good but they now need a drastic makeover to fit our more contemporary style, versus my old love for country chic.  Here is a start to the new look.. trying out a little glaze on these bad boys once they have a final paint job and really hope they add a fun touch to the skinny bare nursery wall:
Aren't mini projects fun on a rainy Sunday?


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