If you remember from a few posts back, we own a past-life bachelor pad dresser that is pretty hideous to look at, courtesy of my hubby:
But voila!  Add a little primer, a little paint, a great wax job and we have ourselves a beautiful and almost free baby dresser:
Now for a breakdown of the products used to produce this new beauty -

1.  KILZ ODORLESS PRIMER - We started with the idea that spray paint is easier.  We spray primed the drawers with Kilz Odorless Primer.  Although this spray may be odorless, it still STINGS the nostrils!  This primer was all over the floor, the walls, everywhere you could think of.  Not ideal for in-home priming.  Live and learn.
2.  RUST-OLEUM PAINTER'S TOUCH ULTRA COVER - We first sprayed the drawers with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover in Satin Lagoon.  Great coverage, no complaints there.  My only complaint was, again, painting inside our home with sprays.  Just not a good idea if you live in a semi-small apartment.  Moving on to brush paint.

3.  BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA PAINT + PRIMER SEMI-GLOSS - I fell in love with this paint!  This is what we decided to switch to for completing the body of the dresser after the spray painting debacle.  This was color matched beautifully with the crib, Heirloom White.  It is a bit more costly but worth the money with built-in primer.  I was also leery of the semi-gloss look when we used satin spray paint (only because I couldn't find the spray in semi-gloss) but with a good wax job, it all blended together in the end.
4.  MINWAX PASTE FINISHING WAX - This stuff is inexpensive and works so much more beautifully than Polyacrylic or Polyurethane without the sticky feeling that they tend to leave on furniture.  In my professional opinion, at least.  We worked this into the finished wood with an old tshirt, much better than using a paint or foam brush.  Tried those first, of course.  After 3 minutes, we wiped off the excess wax and the piece was left looking shiny and polished but most importantly, left a very natural look to the painted wood.  Apparently I can't say enough about this wax.  See detail below...
Look at that shine!
Drawer liners to top it all off
5. DRAWER LINERS - I found this particular liner at Target.  These were a bit harder to add than I originally thought.  I tried the directions on the liners themselves, not successful.  Then tried a couple of different methods before one finally worked the best for me which was cutting the liner in half, adding to 1 side of the drawer, then fitting the other like a puzzle piece to the opposite side of the drawer.  Definitely need to play with drawer lining a bit more before I become a pro...  But I had fun and the final piece looks great so that's a success in my book!

4/1/2013 01:00:28 am

Such a beautiful dresser. From the pictures your lining looks great.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.
4/1/2013 10:48:13 am

What a sweet dresser! Love the color combination and the sparkly knobs!


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