"What art offers is a space - a certain breathing room for the spirit"   -John Updike
This brings me to my next exciting hurdle in this new project:  finding a work space.  When it comes to living in Chicago, there is no extra room for work space.  Unless you're living in the burbs perhaps.  Especially in the new place that we call home which is a fairly small 2nd floor condo.  Therefore my next new venture is finding a work space that is affordable, safe, not located in BFE, and artist friendly. 

I have found such a place!  Maybe.  Greenleaf Art Center offers a small studio space with free parking (HUGE HERE!), A/C, heat, participation in group shows.  Sounds like a great deal but what a commitment!  I keep thinking back to my days living in Dallas where our second bedroom was used for storage and randomness... But then I think about it and I feel that if I had a studio to call my own, I would really be able to dive into my work without the distraction of Young and the Restless or reruns of the Fresh Prince at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The only problem is ventilation - do I get a huge fan?  Or is it enough to have a/c and a mask?  Decisions, decisions.  The biggest of them all is fitting a studio space into our expanding family budget.  Any ideas out there, I would love to hear them!


Kelly Gardner
03/21/2013 2:04pm

This space looks like it could be cool :) Good luck finding somewhere :)


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