Since I've been pregnant and the weather in Chicago has not been too cooperative, my new business starting point has been on hold.  Which has made this impatient person very impatient!  On top of that, the rental space I was looking into previously fell through.  Apparently it is a tough world out there for furniture refurbishers who live in the city!

Needless to say, my projects are sitting, waiting at the moment.  HOWEVER, I had a snow day yesterday.  Yes, in March, a snow day.  Being a Texas girl this was very confusing for me but somewhat exciting at the same time.  So given that day to myself, I decided to begin my ideas for completing the baby's room.  Here is a portion of his room at the moment which you will see isn't too exciting...
My darling Grams bought the beautiful crib for us, so this is what has begun the inspiration for our baby boy's room.  I thought it would help to get the crib sheet on, generously purchased by my best friend Leah, along with the blanket and mobile.  But sadly it just looks more in need now!  Not to fear, I have ideas flowing.. If I can focus this pregnant brain into something wonderful. 

And PS, we found a great modern rocker on Craigslist that we plan to renovate for the nursery.  As well as my husband's previous bachelor pad dresser.. more to come on that...

I also found the cutest ideas on Pinterest for the changing table wall.  Here's a sneak peak.. 
And here are the letters that I have so far... definitely some work to do but as you can see, Mister Jones is helping me immensely so it should be completed in no time.  Also, giving my sister credit, she thought it would be an awesome idea to make the letters for the baby's name all in the same pattern... love the idea!  But it came a little late as the letters had all already been purchased.  Good to note for later though -
More to come VERY soon...

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