I feel that I have tons of unfinished projects around the house these days that I can't wait to finish and post to the blog.  Luckily I finally finished a couple of things this weekend and it feels SO good!  Remember this is where I started on my nursery wall plaque project, very shabby chic:
And here is the plaque after paint when I determined that a little glaze might go a long way.. very uneventful with just a coat of paint since there is so much detail in this piece:
And the finish product, coloring is a little off due to my camera phone photography, but you see how the glazing MADE these pieces stand out:
Here is the glaze mixture that I used to achieve the look:
1. To achieve desired glaze effect, mix 4 parts Behr Premium Plus Faux Glaze with 1 part Behr Premium Plus Color Sample in Black.  A sample of black is all you need since you are only mixing 1 part to 4.

2.  Brush the mixture onto your piece ensuring that you completely cover the detailed areas.  You can immediately wipe the excess glaze from the piece with a cloth or even a paper towel.  Stop there or continue to paint on glaze and wipe away until you reach a desired textured look. The glaze job doesn't have to be perfect, you can leave extra here and there, wipe away too much somewhere else - it all adds character to your piece in the end!

I think these pieces turned out great after 10 years of moving them with me from Fort Worth to Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL... I'm now happy that I kept them around!


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