I decided to take a business and blogging hiatus while training myself for motherhood.  And while attempting to get some sleep.  Now that I have motherhood nailed (LOL), I'm sleeping at night and 7 pounds from my pre-Cruz body (thank you semi-healthy food & P90X) ... BACK TO IT!

Here are a few projects that are currently in the works...
These beautiful antique end tables need some help!  I found inspiration on Pinterest that I'm planning to try here.  These will be for sale very soon!
This hutch has some fabulous details but the etching at the top and the color, not so fab.  I still need to find a chest or dresser to add to this and when I do, watch out!  This item will be listed for sale VERY SOON!  ... if anyone has interest in customizing this piece, I will take your ideas and sell it to you customized.  Email me here.
This lovely shelf came equipped with spider webs and rusty screws.  Let's glam it up a bit, shall we?  Unfortunately this shelf won't be for sale because it belongs to my awesome sister Rhonda.  But I'm scouring Craigslist and garage sales for finds like this to restore and sell!

Here's to getting BACK TO IT!!

9/30/2013 11:55:32 am

Cobwebs?! Lol


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