Bachelor pad dresser, that is.  My husband's single life dresser is what I like to call, a man chest.  It has no special quality to it, boring shape.  Take a look for yourself... 
But I'm determined to turn it into something unique for our baby boy.  We were just laughing that his once bachelor party pad dresser now belongs to a baby.  HA!  You never know where life will take you, or your furniture..  So anywayyy here are a few inspirational ideas that I have for remaking this drab dresser into a fab find for our little guy, with a manly-er feel, of course.  These are a bit beachy looking so I'm hoping with a darker aqua color they will still have the desired look that I'm going for: 
Hoping to start this project this weekend, with the help of my wonderful husband, of course.  More photos to come soon.  And who knows, we might get crazy and finish the nursery rocker too.  Although since I can't do any of the painting right now, that's all up to Jaime  :)


03/27/2013 2:17pm

Love this look and it reminded me of the lady who I got my refurbished dresser from. She hasn't finished projects in a while (I think she also popped out a bundle of joy :) but her past projects are fun to look at for inspiration!

03/27/2013 2:18pm



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