Started the 2-Day cleanse on Monday and it was MUCH harder than I thought.  We ate 3 meals a day with a snack but I say 'meals' really loosely.  Here is the breakdown below.  And before you judge me for being way too negative, wait to finish reading my ENTIRE review...

BREAKFAST: Quinoa with prunes - OK I know a lot of people adore quinoa, it is healthy and packed with good stuff.  I loathe it.  I didn't realize how much until I did this.  Although the prunes definitely helped to mix it up a little.  Let's just say I got through it.
LUNCHBlueberry and Banana Almond Milk Smoothie - This was actually really good so I looked forward to having a tasty smoothie after the quinoa... and please excuse the HORRIBLE selfie. 
DINNERVegetable Soup with a side of Sauerkraut, Apple for dessert.  I didn't even take a picture of this because I was too busy concentrating on actually eating it.  The veggies consisted of onions, which I don't like, mushrooms, which I don't like, and celery, which is my favorite of the 3!  I think I need a lesson in loving veggies because yowza this was really hard to do for 2 days. 

DINNER, Day 2:  I ended up nauseous on Night 1 so decided to substitute for Organic Veggie Lentil Soup instead.  Still healthy but not as tough for me to swallow. 

SNACKKale-Pineapple-Artichoke-Cucumber Juice - This juice was the daily 'snack' which tasted like eating lettuce.  That being said, it actually was tolerable and helped in-between glasses of water throughout the day.  Here's my hubby enjoying his green juice...
OVERALL REVIEW:  Whew this cleanse was tough!  I bitched and moaned HOWEVER I came out of it with a renewed sense of eating healthy.  I even got in a workout while cleansing and worked out again today.  Maybe I'm finally onto something here...
Having a baby boy has been such a blessing minus one big thing - what the heck happened to my body?! I ask myself this question every day and think back to when I was happily eating chocolate ice cream a few months ago... BUT I told myself that when I was pregnant I was going to enjoy it and eat ice cream because I knew after I had the baby it was back to business!  Putting it all out there, I gained a total of 50 lbs when I was pregnant.  That's right!  Take into consideration that I was severely bloated with pre-eclampsia so after giving birth, the first 30+ lbs came off really quickly.  So quickly that I assumed I wouldn't have to work for the rest.  But after 8 weeks I have now realized that I do.  And I have to work hard.

DIASTASIS RECTI - Any woman out there that reads this and doesn't know what it is, I beg you to watch this video to see if you have it - this has helped me to start healing my body properly-
If you DO have Diastasis Recti, you can YouTube exercises to reverse it.  Although I have started my Diastasis exercises, it's been hard for me to get back into a REAL non-preggo exercise routine.  SO with that being said, Jaime and I have decided to start a cleanse.  We chose Dr. Oz's 2-day Wonder Cleanse and will be starting tomorrow... A 2-day cleanse is all I can handle at this point.  I thought blogging about our little journey would help with the mental side of this cleanse.  Wish us luck! 

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